Post Processing

Today I noticed this wall that is behind a building that is a car parking space, it has some nice textures especially around the slightly rotted piece of wood and a single green plant growing on the one side. The original shot is under exposed, I only stopped quickly to get one shot having a slight idea of what I wanted to do with it.

For processing I first opened the image up in Photoshop Elements 9 Editor and added a Gradient Map adjustment layer with a black to white gradient, next I flicked through the layer filters until I found one I liked (made the wall and ground really contrasted and brought out details but also darkened the piece of wood and green plant) so I duplicated the original layer and did a Shadows/Highlights... adjustment to lighten up the wood and plant then used the eraser tool and removed the now way over exposed wall and parts of the ground, after a few other layer adjustments I ended up with the below shot.