Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Finally they are all here, each of the 4 brothers are now huddled together on my desk. It started around 2 weeks ago when I stopped by the small arcade area at the local cinemas and found they had some small TMNT figures in one of those UFO style two armed skill tester machines. The other UFO style machine has minions from Despicable Me 2.

The first win was getting the leader Leonardo out after having one go on each of the machines (two sides to a machine) each go costing 1 token (basically $1) I missed on the first three goes (Minion,Minion then TMNT) on the last go (and token) Leonardo decided to hang onto the UFO claw and hitch a ride out!

Later that week Donatello and Raphael both eagerly grabbed a hold of the claw and got out at a cost of 1 token each. I looked for a Michelangelo but of the few that were amount the rubble of turtles none were in a spot that the UFO claw could reach (I tried twice and lost 2 tokens).

I checked a few days later but no refill on the turtles and still no Michelangelo that was in grasping range of the claw. That was until today when I noticed there was one Michelangelo that was in grasping range but was hiding under a Donatello, took me 6 tokens ($5) to get the last brother into the position show below. Luckily a friend was with me and helped out with 4 more tokens and after a lot of right from Michelangelo he finally came free and now stands along side his brothers ready to face whatever comes next.