OMD EM-5 test shots

Whilst walking to the bus stop before work I noticed a large black ant on the path (a inchman) and it noticed me, these guys can really see well, I got a few shots and was thinking the colors in the preview images after the shots were a little muted, it wasn't until I zoomed in that I noticed the noise, checked the ISO settings and I'd somehow changed from Auto to 25600. Does make the image look pretty cool though. I shot the ant again at a much higher ISO of 500.

ISO 25600

After watching a video on Google+ from +Rob Knight about Olympus Viewer 2 and processing the OMD raw files I thought I'd try it myself when I got home. (I've been shooting in Jpeg due to PSE 9 not being able to open the ORF files from the EM-5)

Shot in Raw exported jpg via Olympus Viewer 2

jpg version shot as the +jpg from the Raw +jpg setting

Probably not the best sample shot to do this test but it was only a quick one, I really do not see any difference between the RAW and JPG versions of the file. The EM-5 produces very nice JPG images which really speeds up my post work.