Chocolate + Microwave = Fun

We had a morning tea today at work and someone had made these little guys.

Bounty Car

Milky Way Car

There was some discussion about how the everything was stuck together (melted chocolate in this case) but I thought that a better way would have been to microwave the bars a little then push all the parts on which lead my thinking to a picture I came across again recently...

Which in turn made me think of attempting the same effect on the two chocolate cars.

First the milky way car, subjected to 10 second intervals in the microwave, photos after each

Next the bounty car (there was one left after the morning tea and I had to see how the bounty bar would handle it)

What I discovered is that the Milky Way bar is far superior when it comes to microwaves, as you can see the Bounty bar only lasted two rounds of torture before total collapse. I still took the same number of shots so both went for 30 seconds over 3 rounds, the last shot just above is the Bounty bar after the carnage.

Just for my own amusement here are some animated gifs of the above.