That Wanaka Tree

So I was watching videos on YouTube about New Zealand before my trip when an image of this tree came on screen. I'd seen this before somewhere but had no idea it was in New Zealand so I jumped on the computer and did a quick image search for 'tree new zealand' and That Wanaka Tree came up in the results, next was to find out exactly where it was and learnt that it is the most photographed tree in NZ!


Lucky for me it actually is marked on Google Maps as That Wanaka Tree. All I had to do next was make sure I stayed overnight in Wanaka!

Didn't get into Wanaka until after sunset but I wasn't to sad about that as there were no clouds at all. After setting up camp at the a nearby caravan park (Wanaka Lake View) I headed out into the cool night for a walk to go see the tree for the first time. 


Being so popular I wasn't surprised to see there were already a few photographers on site getting photos of the tree using head torches to light up the tree.

Being in Wanaka for just the one night I was up early before sunrise at 6:45am to capture some more photos of this amazing tree, and again I wasn't the only one there.




6:58am - see lots of photographers and this was not all






Finally a quick shot on my way back to the caravan park and continue my trip around this amazing country -7:49am

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