One River Many Views

Last weekend I was camping at Turners Bend near Torrumbarry in Victoria for two nights right along the Murray River. This was the first camping trip in almost a year! The only thing I was worried about the entire time was the gum trees as they were branching out over the tent, there are not many areas at this location where trees to not cover. On the second night a storm ripped over and at some early hour I swear I heard a branch fall, kind of keeps you awake at night.

I got some great shots of the one part of the river that was visible from camp. I love photographing around bodies of water!

First night and the almost full moon rising over the trees

One cloud brightly lit by the afternoon sun

Moon light night with reflections

Early morning on the River

Great tree that made for an excellent silhouette against the cloudy skies.

Same tree as above but against a Sunday morning sunrise

Bees having a drink

HDR of the river bank near camp

After the storm beads of water hanging on the tips of plants and trees.

Small camp fire to keep the cold at bay

Apparently cockatoos are at the end of rainbows!

HDR of the river looking down stream

Probably my best shot - Looking down stream

Landscape view of the photo above

Shortly after the photo above

Landscape view of the photo above

The following three panoramic images I wanted together, they look great showing the different views of the same section, all hand held, the first two are landscape and made from 4 photos the last one is portrait and from 6 photos

After the storm passed and with double rainbows!

Sunset on the Saturday (the second night)

Sunrise on Sunday