Herald Sun Tour 2014 - Ballarat to Bendigo

Pall Mall in Bendigo on Feb 7 closed for the end of Stage 2 (Ballarat to Bendigo) of the Herald Sun Tour 2014. I headed down to scout locations to get some shots with the hope of capturing a shot of the stage winner hight on my list of shots I want to get.

I was shooting at 9fps but I missed the shot I wanted (stage winner crossing the line) due to trying a different angle shooting under the fencing to get around the people in front of me. Knew they were coming and got low to the ground which blocked by view of what was going on except for the screen on my camera, problem was the glare on the screen from the sun caused me to shoot a fraction of a second too late and I missed the stage winner but got 2 and 3.

After this I stood up and tried shooting from normal level, not as interesting but at least I could time my shots better. 

Below are most of the shots I got.

Test shot of the low angle I thought would make a more interesting image.

Number 2 and 3 crossing the line, less than 1 second after the leader