Noise Reduction

I've recently joined which I've know about for a while but never got around to checking it out and I'm glad I did, so many amazing images and it got me thinking about the quality of my photos in relation to noise, I rarely do much noise control relying on the camera mainly, so from now on I'm going to try and over-ride the cameras ISO settings and see if I can manage the noise levels better. I've just read that it is better to slightly overexpose then fix in post than to underexpose in relation to noise. I've downloaded the trail of Lightroom 5 something else I've know about but never got around to looking at, I've only had a little play with it so far and like it but right now cannot afford to purchase when I can get from the test below the same results with Elements 9.

For this photo I over-rode the cameras ISO setting with 200 to help with the noise, this one is from yesterday and the one above is how I posted it to my folios.

This one has had some noise reduction work done in Elements 9 which matches what I produced with Lightroom, however I can see that lightroom has a lot more power or is easier to make improvements than Elements 9.

If you select one of the images then use the preview to toggle between the two you will be able to see the changes better.