Past and Present - Bendigo

I decided I needed a small project and always wanted to do some photos that show changes over time so I searched the internet for old photos of Bendigo and found a few that looked like I could reproduce. 

Hover over the images to see the 2013 versions of the same shot or close as I could get using the old images on my phone as a reference.

Bendigo Post Office and Law Courts 1887
This one is the best one I got at lining up the angles, still a little bit off though.

Train Station 1860s
So much has changed here I had trouble locating any reference points, the shed in the back left is the only thing I could find in common with the shot I took today, but I couldn't get the same angle or height.

Charing Cross 1950s - Attempt 1
It wasn't until I was lining up the two shots here that I realised I was way off judging by the gap between the war memorial and the post office clock in the left of the shot. To re-produce the angle here I would need to stand in the middle of 3 lanes of traffic (I think)

Charing Cross 1950s - Attempt 2
Had to get a better angle for this one, I was able to get very close this time from the other side of the road. Whilst framing the shot some smartarse beeped their horn as they went past and made me jump.

Pall Mall 1920-1954
Got pretty close on this one using the post in the right of the photo and the old bank as reference points.