Pro Capture

I used Pro Capture mode on my Olympus OM-D EM-1 MKII for the second time today, the first time in a real situation.

15 exposures blended in Photoshop

15 exposures blended in Photoshop

Today I managed to get away from work for few minutes just in time to catch the last of the lightning that passed through Bendigo today. Whilst I was getting to a higher location someone asked me if I was photographing lightning. I said trying to but giving up.

I had my 7-14mm 2.8 on and without any filters, a short long exposure was not an option, either was my new favorite lighting capturing mode Live Composite with a fastest shutter speed of .5 sec, both would end up over exposed just like my test shot below.


Just after I said that I’d given up trying to capture some lightning I remembered I could use the Pro Capture mode on my camera which captures 60 full res raw 20mp photos per second with the added benefit of buffering around 15 photos whilst I hold the shutter button which are saved along with 45 after the shutter button is pushed all the way down.

The below photos make up the composite image at the top and they are all only possible due to the Pro Capture mode, I’m not quick enough to see lightning and push the shutter all the way down, I’d need a lot more luck without it.