Panoramic Images - Lightroom Vs Photoshop

Over the weekend I got up early Sunday morning and headed the hour plus drive to Mount Macedon to see and shoot the landscape snow covered. I'd been watching the weather forecast for the area for a few weeks and finally snow!

Photoshop merge and warp, Lightroom edit

Full Lightroom merge and edit

Still even with the forecast there's not the guarantee that it will happen, luckily the forecast was right and I got to spend a couple of hours exploring.

Even though I was shooting with my favorite lens the m.Zuiko 7-14mm at 7mm it just wasn't wide enough so I shot seven images in portrait mode to get the scene captured. With plenty of overlap I had every confidence that it would stitch together easily in Lightroom.

Although it did stitch easily there are issues with the tree in the middle, the small branches and one of the main ones do not align up - you need to look close so click to enlarge. I wasn't happy with the stitch/merge so I opened the images in Photoshop and did the stitch/merge there and it did a much better job.

I have no idea why this is, most of the time Lightroom is all I need but it is nice to have Photoshop there when I need it.