Bendigo Instameet

Had a great day today going to my first Instameet with fellow Instagrammers in Bendigo starting in Rosalind Park and visiting the old Bendigo Gaol, Bendigo Town Hall and then later on attending the Festival of Light. I arrived at 9am and was around 40 minutes earlier than the next person to show up so I made the most of little to no people around to get some shots around Rosalind Park.

After a quick meet and greet it was time to get a group shot for the local paper and why not sneak a shot of the photographer at the same time!

Above: official Bendigo Advertiser group photo

Now this is dedication!

After shooting around the park and fernery areas we headed off to the old Gaol, this first shot below is the wall on the new Ulumbarra Theatre that is currently under construction on the grounds of the old prison. A few walls and the main cell block are still standing are are heritage listed.

Next the town hall, usually I only get shots from the outside but today we had an all access pass!

This is one of my favourite shots of the day, close up of a light in the town hall

Lastly after a stop back at home for a few hours off to the Festival of Lights