Band Photo Shoot

Something different for me, shooting people is something I rarely do but when an opportunity came up to shoot a local band (Berlin Postmark). It was a rainy day so I had to use my 12-50mm weather sealed lens (not that I have other options for wide shots) anyway here is what I got.

Tonemapped in Photomatix Essentials with one image

Using the tilt screen on my OMD to get the low anges

5 framed HDR done in Photomatix Essentials

These next shots were not taken as low as I wanted due to my tilt screen playing up, it was not displaying anything on it which got me worried that the rain had got in somewhere, luckily that was not the case and it started working fine again a few min later, perhaps something with the proximity senor.

Next few are taken with my prime lens, 45mm f/1.8 under a small section of roof as it is not weather sealed.

Lastly when the rain picked up a bit more and the end of the shoot I asked the band if they minded running through the rain as I had an idea to try it, and being good sports they did so.

A little movement from me in a half squat not wanting to place my knee on the wet ground, I shot the whole thing without my tripod but I did bring it in just in case there was not going to be enough light for handheld photos.