HDR and Star Trails

The below HDRs are from the Bendigo Central Deborah Gold Mine, well looking from the outside anyway, each is made up of 3 shots a 1 stop difference (camera does up to 3 for me) and assembled in Photomatix.

I figured out last night something that is going to be of great help when shooting star trails that I really should have know about years ago. I've read about capturing multiple images and stacking them to create star trails but I've never really tried it. It was only a few weeks ago I turned off the in camera noise control so it would write the long exposure data to the card quickly instead of almost as long as the exposure itself. 

Last night I added the next step, it just hit me all of a sudden, I wanted the camera to take multiple shots without me doing anything, I have a shutter release cable but I was missing one last setting. After a few 30 sec exposures of manually pressing the shutter button on the cable I thought the Burst/Continuous mode will work, it's so simple. In my mind burst/continuous mode was for rapid firing, but that's due to the "burst" part, when I thought "continuous" it just clicked, anyway, below (2nd image) is my first attempt at multiple exposures (around 6 manually done the rest with the camera continuous mode) then stacked in StarStaX.

240 seconds

26 exposures @ 30 sec stacked with StarStaX

I'll have to experiment with exposure times to get the tree to show in the stacked shot like it does in the longer single exposure above.

30 sec exposure whilst riding my bike down my street after the star trail shots.