The Puffer

So I'm shooting a friends wedding later this year and I feel my camera equipment is a little under par. I came across an ad somewhere showing the Gary Fong Puffer flash diffuser. For a little over $20 I thought I'd give it a go as the alternative is a $600 real flash for my Olympus e420.

Anyway here are a few test shots showing first in each of the 3 tests, no Puffer then Puffer.

This shows the lens shadow from the on camera flash.

This is as close I could get the camera to the same position as the first shot (Shots are handheld) you can just make out the lens shadow at the bottom.

The Puffer seems to almost soften the light (due to the Puffer being in front of the flash) and gives it a slightly warmer light.

So far I cannot see a huge difference between the shots, I did read that I may need to increase the flash power when using the Puffer.