Just thought this was funny to see on a road, never seen one before.

Tram tacks, McRae Street

The rest of the shots were taken after 5pm with a tripod. I was after a shot of alexandra fountain, long exposure and the sun didn't set until 6:13pm so I had some time to kill.

Sleeping fruit bats

HDR - Photomatix

HDR - Photomatix

Camp Hill Primary School, Bendigo (HDR - Photomatix)

Poppet head, Bendigo (HDR - Photomatix)

Still only around 6pm here so I set the camera and tripod in position and waited for the light to fade, I pushed the aperture to f22 to limit the light coming in so I could extend the shutter time to try get some shots before I had to get to a friends exhibition ( The Quircus: Masquerade) at El Gordo where a few more of my shots from the night can be seen.  

These shots came out ok but I'll have to try again when I have more time.