One tough camera

This is the mark on my floor from my E-M5.... I had the camera in my hand and on with the strap hanging when my daughter tried to or looked like hitting me on the toe with a cardboard pipe/tube so I moved my foot up and out of the way and when it came back down it hooked the strap and down it went.. in slow motion, worst feeling ever! I quickly picked it up and looked for damage but could not find any straight away, I finally found the location where the mark above came from, one of the treads for a lens hood, a tiny bit has been rubbed off onto the tile.

Luckily everything is working like it was before the drop (maybe due to the drop being not very high), hopefully it will stay this way. Before this happened, I'll rewind back to this morning whilst watering the grass 4-5 corellas rode the wind around 2-3 meters above my head and of course I didn't have my camera with me. It was looking like it was about the rain and the birds were making a lot of noise. Now that rain doesn't stop me taking photos I quickly got the camera from inside and got ready to snap some shots, this is what I got (nothing like what they did when I didn't have my camera)

Love the 9 frames per second!

Also today I felt something on my neck whilst sitting outside. At first I hit the spot were I felt something thinking it was an ant or mosquito, still feeling something I attempted to flick away when something small fell/flew down to the ground, curious I had to see what it was. Thankfully I didn't squash the jumping spider, they are pretty fun to take photos of and this one seemed interested in the camera.

This one has been cropped so more details can be seen at the 1500px I reduce my images down to.

Back to the camera drop, below are some of the shots I took after it, testing out different things like continuous shooting, macro mode, focus speed etc. Besides the lens hood thread scuff the clip on the battery inside the compartment had come off as when I opened the door to recharge the battery it jumped straight out.