Today before work I was trying to find something different, the sun was low rising at only 7:28am and by 8:10am I was talking photos around Bendigo. I found myself having a look near the Bendigo Town Hall and the golden trees to the left but couldn’t find a good shot, giving up I decided to walk back towards Rosalind Park then on to work.

On the way I noticed a small puddle that was run off from nearby, in the puddle with an assortment of autumn leaves and one cigarette butt. As I do often I got my phone out and tried snapping a shot to see what it might look like (see the first image at the bottom), straight away I put my phone back in my pocket and got my camera out for a few shots.

Getting low meant I could use the angle to get a nice reflection photo of the Town Hall, just needed to wait for some cards and trucks to leave/pass by.

Just after I finished snapping a few photos a passer by asked if I got anything interesting in the puddle. Always wanting to share photos I quickly told her I was after reflection photos and showed what I’d captured which I’m sure surprised her as she tried to see the angle I got!

I repeated squatting down and showed her the camera position I’d used to get the photo which was as low to the water as possible using the flip out screen to see how I was composing the shot.

The last photo on this page in the bottom right shows the puddle from standing height. It’s always a good idea to get low near puddles, it can reveal hidden worlds, it’s one of my favorite shooting styles.