Bendigo Advertiser Gala Parade

This years day parade was the busiest I’ve ever seen. I thought the idea of getting into town at 7:20am to put some seats along the route (a whole 6 hours before it started) was on the early side but wow was I wrong. When I got there View Street was full as was Charing Cross and a lot of the next block on Pall Mall, had to walk to almost Bull Street to find some space and this was at 7:25am!

I did chat with someone else who said they got there at 5:30am and heard that some either setup at midnight or slept out overnight to secure a place, now that’s dedication.

After securing a place I could go back home and have breakfast and return around 11am for the parade at 1.


At events like this I do point my camera towards people, It’s good practice and the fast movement makes getting some shots a little tricky. I took almost 300 photos and deleted a whole lot, either the focus was off, of the same subject or just didn’t work.

The ones below are a selection of the better ones captured.

Short video of the parade