It's all about the light

There’s something that’s been on my mind lately and it’s how most non photographers don’t understand that when trying to capture an amazing shot it’s really down to the light that mother nature is willing to provide, even a perfect composition cannot deliver the same results.

A lot of the time it may be there for a few seconds, others you get a little longer and if you’re lucky the light just sticks for what feels like an eternity.

Below are two examples of photos each one as captured and edited, taken at 6:35:38 pm and 6:56:43 pm.

In just over 60 seconds the light totally changed making the tree glow and the clouds go a dark grey (love this look, anything illuminated by the light with dark clouds behind) resulting in a much more interesting image.

In this case the light lasted at least four minutes but a lot of the time it can be only seconds and if you’re not ready you just miss out, no second chances as the exact same light will never happen again.

I’ve missed out on countless images due to not being ready in time either having the wrong lens, changing lenses, getting the camera out of the bag and the lens cap off, stuck on the bus heading to or from work or my favorite forgetting to put my settings from the last shoot back to Aperture Priority, ISO 200, EV 0 from the previous nights astro photography that may or may not have had a 12 second timer resulting in a missed opportunity and white image! :)

For the first images below I tried to edit to match the light in the second two mostly by dropping the exposure to get the clouds darker, the end result is a flatter/duller image.

In the before and after above you can see how much I’ve changed the original capture to try and make it look like the one below but you cannot just create great light in post, it has to be there upon capture, this is why in the before and after below you can see there isn’t as big of a difference between capture and edit.

Both edited versions side by side for easier comparison.