White Night Bendigo

Bendigo just had it's first White Night event and it was also my first time attending a White Night. I was at a friends party  beforehand and didn't get into town until a little past 11pm which was great as most of the crowd had left already.

With so many photos being captured and shared I wanted to capture something different so I swapped from my trusty 7-14 2.8 wide angle after a few photos to my 40-150 2.8 then kept that lens on to help my mind think of compositions with this restricted field of view.

All photos are shot hand held and possible with the amazing IBIS that the Olympus OM-D series cameras have. I did have a tripod with me but decided I wouldn't use it unless I wanted some long exposures.

First up photos taken with the wide angle.

There was one composition I really wanted to get and that required a telephoto, after walking down Pall Mall to the Fountain it was time to swap over. The photo I was after was one I've taken before shooting from Charing Cross and capturing the War Museum and the Old Post Office/Visitor Centre. And becuse of the timing I was able to capture this with both hands of the clock pointing straight up!

The moon joined also which was great and enabled me to capture something more unique!

These last few below are from a few nights before White Night when I was having a look around Enlighten, most things were still being setup and tested.