Morning at the Snow

Got to tick one off the list recently. Snow at Mount Macedon in Central Victoria, Australia. Started at just after 6am and travelled the little over one hour to get on the mountain just after sunrise. 

On the way there were little clouds, a slight shower and no sign of snow anywhere around the mountain. It wasn't until we hit around 800m above sea level that snow was visible on the sides of the road.

Very quickly the snow cover got thicker and the first stop was at Camels Hump. After a short but steep climb with freezing winds that carried snowflakes from trees for the top half, the lookout was visible. Amazing to see that the surrounds had no snow or ice cover at all.

Mountain was one degree but the surrounds were a toasty five or six!

A couple of hours at Mount Macedon checking out the snow fall from 7am Sunday morning. An amazing place to visit in Autumn and Winter! Patreon: