Olympus Photowalk - Bendigo

Last week I attended a Olympus Photography 101 + Photo Walk in Bendigo starting at Camera House mostly to have a play with the OMD EM1 MK2 and secondly to hang around with other photographers at night getting some interesting photos of the city.

I got to play with the next camera I want to get that will replace my aging OMD EM5 MK1 bodies, the OMD EM1 MK2 - 20MP/60FPS/WiFi/etc the list goes on and it had the 12-100 lens on it that has 6.5 stops of stabilisation goodness and it worked well!. The first two photos below were hand held and it's crazy how sharp most of the image is, this is something I wouldn't even attempt on my current gear which would limit me to 1 maybe 2 seconds.

I did forget one big thing, I didn't shoot RAW! so all images below were captured in jpg, not even sure of the quality setting so saving some of the highlights and shadows went out the window.

Hopefully this new camera body will be added to my gear in the near future, at minimum I'll get 20% more pixels and with the Hi Res Mode for some situations a whole lot more.