Spillway Stars

I’d been looking up at the night sky for a few nights over the past week thinking I really need to head out and get a few photos but where! Last Thursday I jumped in the car after just missing a shot of the setting crescent moon and headed the short drive to Lake Eppalock in Central Victoria.

Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter getting low on the horizon

Crescent Moon, Venus and Jupiter getting low on the horizon

The image above is one I captured when the moon was a little higher in the sky around 30 min before it got closer to the horizon, changed colour and appeared to be a lot larger!

The image below is a single exposure using the Olympus OM-D EM-2 MKII and the Live Composite mode that can capture just the light differences in multiple long exposures without overexposing areas that have light (like on the horizon on the bottom left). This is a feature I’m looking forward to using when the next lightning storm comes nearby, should make the capturing process a whole lot easier!


Below is my attempt and making a video of myself capturing the above image and a few others. Video is shot on the GoPro 7 and light source was my phone light and I’m still getting use to being in front of the camera so I think I speak to fast at times, enjoy!