Waitin' for the bus

Went for a walk last night from 9pm-10pm, covered a few kms. 


Could have taken the car but you then I'd be driving and not looking around for compositions/ideas. This one came to me on an 800 metre stretch of country road at the farthest point from home, two bus stops on this stretch and the first was in mostly shadow from the trees opposite.

Four images, each of 20 seconds make up this final image, yes I did lie down on the cold cement of the bus stop for this photo which was the easiest of the lot to hold still for the duration of the exposure.

Between each image I was running back to the camera on the other side of the road, clicking the shutter and getting into a new position within the 12 seconds that I had before it would take another photo, each time waiting to hear the end exposure click so I knew it was ok to move again.

Got a few more photos on my star walk but this was the most fun to do, had the finished image in my mind before I got to the bus stop and love that it worked just as I envisioned, the light beams to the right are from a car in the distance, only in one of the 4 images but looked great so kept it in the final.

The four images that make up the final