For the November 14 Supermoon I wanted a location that had some interesting foreground structures to include in my shots of the moon rising.

I started looking for locations on my phone whilst taking the bus to work using TPE on Android, by the time I had to get off the bus I'd gotten nowhere! Since the moonrise wasn't happening until 7:42pm I had some time after work to nail the location. I again jumped on TPE but this time the desktop version and tried Victoria Hill in Bendigo where you can find two poppet heads close together.

At 6:30pm I had a location, got my gear ready which included two tripods, two OM-D EM-5 bodies, a 12-40mm pro 2.8, a 75-300mm and a GoPro Hero4 that I used for time-lapse. 

I got to my location 20min before moon rise and was beaten to the location by another local photographer that I'd only interacted with online, we had the location to ourselves when other areas had a lot of people out taking in the show.

Short time-lapse of the Supermoon rising

The images

Images captured during the moon rise that included fighting mosquitoes, running around through long grass that deposit sharp seeds into socks and pushing through spiked plants to get into the best position for shots!

I've added a few of these photos to my shop that are available for purchase as prints