F Stop Lounge Photowalk - Melbourne

I'll start by saying that this post is a massive one in terms of images from my trip down to Melbourne for a photowalk that started at The Boatbuilders Yard at South Wharf hosted by F Stop Lounge. This was my first official photowalk and it was a great day hanging out with fellow photographers as I am usually shooting alone also great to see the results and see how other photographers get their shots sure made me feel comfortable sitting/laying down anywhere to get a photo.

All photos but the first which was taken, edit and posted on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact phone were shot with the m.Zuiko 9-18mm f/4-5.6 wide angle lens on an OM-D EM-5 and it only took me around 4-5 hours to go through the photos and process them into what you see below, I've put them into chronological order to make it easier to follow my trip to Melbourne.

The photowalk started at 4:30pm and I had a two hour train trip to do before hand, the latest train I could catch to make it in time (and that allowed some time before the photowalk for some of my own street photography) was the 12:30pm service which was delayed by 40min due to signaling faults down the line.

It was a photo day so I figured I'd start early with a shot of the Bendigo train platform during the 40 min delay.

I got to Melbourne at 3pm and wanted to get some day photos of Hoiser Lane and some other architectural shots but because the train was late I only made it to the padlocks on the "Love lock bridge"in Southgate before heading back for the start of the photowalk.

I'm amazed at how wide the 9-18mm is at 9mm at times, almost got the Eureka Tower in one frame whist standing on the street below.

My turnaround point

Waited for the helicopter to get right in the middle of the buildings before capturing the shot

I love shooting shadows, find them really interesting as you will see further down during the photowalk photos

Best view of the Exhibition Centre I could find, trying to get that tunnel effect with the support posts.

The Boatbuilders Yard just ahead on the left

Final shot just before the photowalk gathering spot.

Now the actual photowalk, waiting at some steps near Poly Woodside to get started and chatting to some fellow photographers, 2 of whom I've only communicated with via Google+. The image below has the moon right in the middle of the buildings but it is hard to see, best to view large.

Before heading off a group photo

First stop and right next to the starting point was Seafarers Bridge, some more shadow play here as the sun was still quite high in the sky and almost no clouds, in the photo above and the ones below you'll notice I used the structure to block the sun. This photo is also slightly out of focus, I remember the lens searching but failed to get it right as I was trying to focus on the white beam in the middle, not enough contrast.

Getting low and changing the angle

I was waiting for people to be out of frame but there's always someone so I decided I'd wait and try to hide this man in the shadow of the beam but as you can see he is wider than the beam.

Looks like a spider almost

Further along the bridge

On the other side of the Seafarers Bridge was an old building with a great looking wall, because I was shooting at either 9 or 18mm I had to get really close to get this one

Not really sure what it is but it does look interesting

Panoramic reflection

Having a seat

I took this because it sort of looks like teeth

There's my legs, lens is really wide!

I don't do these types of images often but sometimes it just needs to be done!

Looking straight up one of the walls on the Crowne Plaza building, this one hurt my neck a little, really should of used the tilt screen on the camera.

Spencer Street Bridge, nearing the half way point.

Tried to single out this tree and it's shadow, made a colour version also below.

Contrasting colours. In autumn I do go a little leaf photography crazy.

This is a crop of a photo taken at 18mm as I only wanted the ladder and the wall in the end image.

Full wall at 9mm

In colour


Doesn't really work with this photo but I've seen it done before very well with and exact replica reflecting in the water, really needs symmetry here.

Back at the starting place and about to head of off the part we missed by going over the Seafarers Bridge which you can see casting shadows on the wall across the water here.

Trying to put the bright sun in an interesting place

An interesting place is the light at the top of the pole here, couldn't move back any further or I would have been taking a swim.

These bikes looked great in colour but I really like the Black and White use in street photography

Webb Bridge, for this one I wanted to have the bridge silhouetted against almost setting sun.

An amazing structure to shoot!

A couple down near the boats, possible a bride and groom but couldn't really tell will the blinding light, I tried to put the couple right in the middle of the white light reflecting of the water, made a black and white version (above) and colour (below)

Shadows back on Webb Bridge

There's me third from the right

Golden light reflecting off Webb Bridge

7 portrait photo panoramic in black and white

7 portrait photo panoramic in colour

Seafarers Bridge in the distance

Love this crane, had the wrong lens to get a closeup shot if it so used it as an almost silhouette in this and the following two photos.

Back on Seafarers Bridge at the golden city

Last photo I took before getting something to drink at The Boatbuilders Yard where we all gathered and had a bite to eat and prizes drawn from a hat.

I had to get going a little after 8pm to catch a train back to Bendigo but also wanted a little time for some night time shots and some long exposures.

All photos of Seafarers Bridge above were hand held for .4 sec or 1/5 sec  at ISO800 with a aperture of 5.6

Long exposure of Seafarers Bridge taken using a gorilla pod, on decking that vibrated a little from people walking, best to use a full sized tripod for these types of photos.

Boatbuilders Yard on the right

Taken from Spenser Street bridge but suffers from a little movement