Health Bank Cricket Challenge

Last Friday I was the primary photographer for a charity twilight cricket match between Bendigo Bank and Bendigo Health to raise money for Asha (means hope in Hindi). They give people living in slum areas of India hope by allowing them to realise their potential, regardless of background, caste or religious beliefs.

The event was held on the 28th of March 2014 at the Tom Floods Sport Centre in Bendigo from 6pm and raised over $12,500!

I knew going into this I would be missing my telephoto lens, maximum that I currently have is 50mm on my kit lens so I didn't get any action shots as I just could not get close enough so I concentrated on more atmospheric photos, trying to capture the feel of being there.

I shot over 300 photos (mainly at 9fps trying to get some batting/catching/bowling shots). Below are the better ones including all the panoramic photos shot with a mixture of my 12-50mm, 17mm, 45mm lenses. I did use a tripod a lot so the panoramic photos worked a little better than when I do not use one.

Bendigo Bank team with Piggy mascot

Bendigo Health team

The above two are HDR as I was trying to get the sunset on what little clouds there were and details in the foreground. Both panoramas are made from 4 photos that are made from 3 bracketed photos to create the HDR.

Same has HDR above but not HDR

I shot this one in portrait to get the seat the roof details so it took 9 photos to get this shot