New Year Long Exposures

Some long exposure shots using Live Mode on my EM-5 with the Zuiko 17mm at F10 of new year celebrations with sparklers.

This one is people running around with sparklers, finished exposure time 12:01am Jan 1, 2014

Long exposure with sparklers and the help of a few friends (I'm the 1 and the trail at the bottom is me running towards camera to stop the exposure)

I attempted to draw a witches hat on a friends head but added a few other things like a dragons tail.

Running round and round creating a spiral of light surrounding a friend.

My attempt at a spider..

One sparkler not moving.

A friends attempt at writing Happy New Year - Attempt 1

Attempt 2

Attempt 3 - for this one letters were written backwards to the camera but forwards for the writer then flipped to reveal the 3rd attempt.