Long Exposures in Bendigo

Last night I headed out to get some night time shots around Bendigo before the Christmas decorations come down or the red lights on the Sacred Heart Cathedral are removed.

5 framed HDR shot from the poppet head, decided HDR would work best to try and capture the red lit areas of the cathedral whist still keeping the silhouette and sunset colours.

Same as above but changed from 17mm lens to 45mm

Behind the art gallery in Bendigo, water was rippling but in long exposures it becomes flat and smooth.

This is the Bendigo Bank Centre which for me needs to be a panoramic to fit the building in as I do not have a lens wide enough to fit it all in the one frame, for this one I did 4 portrait long exposure images then stitched in PSE9. 

Rosalind Park, Bendigo

Christmas Tree, Charing Cross and Bendigo Bank Centre

Christmas tree, War Memorial on Pall Mall, Bendigo

This was taken with my 17mm lens which is not wide enough to get the shot in one frame, needed to change to my 12mm (below shots)

This is one of my favourites I got last night of the Cathedral as a Long Exposure and with a little zoom to get this effect

This shot shows what happens when you hit the end of the zoom or just stop (I ran out of zoom) whilst still capturing the image

Same zoom effect as the other angled shot of the cathedral