A day in Bendigo

Over the past 2 months I've been shooting some time lapse photography around Bendigo so I can create my first time lapse movie that I've titled 'A day in Bendigo' with the individual clips put together starting at sunrise and ended at sunset.

Nothing was really planned I was just trying out time lapse with my EM-5. Some clips are a little jumpy due to my old and now deceased shutter release cable or because I used a gorilla pod the wind would shake the camera at times.

In the meantime I was building and have almost finished a motorised camera dolly for motion time lapse. So my next time lapse will have motion!

I snapped a few shots of the camera in position for some of the locations with my phone, full video is at the bottom.

1:45 seconds
1550 frames
10 locations
Over 100 minutes of capture
Replaced remote shutter release cable