Walking around Cairns Esplanade at Night

I went for a walk with my gorilla pod along the esplanade in Cairns to get a few long exposure night shots, before I started I was told by "Crab Man" (as I found out after I had a chat with him) he told me to watch out for the crab on the board walk that runs along most of the esplanade. Turns out he does this regularly for fun only telling tourists to watch out just as they get close to the crab. The crab which was an averaged sized one clawed mud crab went by the name of Alfredo and dropped from the mango tree because mud crabs have a sweet tooth like humans do or so he told the tourists.

After this interesting start to my night photo walk I headed off to get some shots.

Cairns Esplanade at night, made from 4 individual long exposure photos of 25 seconds each.