Paint the Town Blue

For a whole week the Sacred Heart Cathedral and a few statues/buildings along Pall Mall are being lit up blue to raise awareness for prostate cancer. It's a good time to get out and snap some shots of some iconic landmarks with a touch of blue.

Last night I headed out with a couple of fellow photographers to get some photos, first stop was the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the spire can be seen from miles away and always stands out especially when it's lit up blue.

Most shots were taken in Manual at f/9 ISO 200 with an exposure time of 6 seconds.

A couple of cars drove past to have a look and I managed to get the light trails from this in one shot.

The restaurant tram went past and I swung the camera around, didn't change settings (no time) and got this.

Set timer to 12 seconds so I could jump in the shot whist standing over one of the blue lights.

This time squatting and looking a little evil as the blue light shines off my eyelids/eyes.

Next stop Pall Mall where the War Memorial, George Lansell Statue and Old Post Office/Law Courts also lit up a little blue.

Caught the restaurant tram again but a better location and more time to setup the shot, to the right my fellow photographers who managed to stand still for the long exposure.

Close up of a blue George Lansell

Not blue but looked pretty cool in the pinkish-red light