Dolly Track Part 2

Yesterday I picked up some parts from the hardware store in order to motorise my dolly track (based on, on the shopping list was a length of threaded rod, a few nuts and washers and something that the rod can spin freely in to go through the end walls of the track.

My track was around 122cm in length so the first item to get was a threaded rod that was a little longer than this, turns out I could only find one at 121.92cm (48 inches), I looked around for a longer one and even thought about getting a long one and cutting it then it occurred to me that I could just shorten my track by a few centimetres to allow some of the thread to protrude in order to spin the rod with my motor. 

So the track shortening begins

Tracks shortened

End of track with some plumbing parts, brass nipple and nut to hold it in place

Track back together with a spot for the rod to spin

Looking through the plumbing parts that will contain the threaded rod

Birds eye view

Up the drive end of the track, still need a few parts and need to figure out how to mount the motor to the track.

Little test of the upgrade, in my previous post about the track ( my test run pulling the dolly alone by some string ran the length in a little over 2 minutes, this turning the rod directly off the motor was going to take around 30min, I let it go for 20min then stopped it, I was aiming for 10 minutes but ideally I want to set it up so I can change the pully/drive wheel on the motor/rod to increase/decrease the speed, this will be part 4.

Below is a quick video showing how it all worked during this test.