Shamrock Hotel, Bendigo

Last week I was walking past the entrance to the Shamrock in Bendigo and tried getting a photo of the entrance but there was a sign covering a small portion of it, this morning I happened to be walking past again but this time it was clear of signs and people, I took some single shots from either end as my lens is in no way wide enough to fit it all in one frame so I took 3 photos in order to stitch into a panoramic, these are the results.

I first let Photoshop Elements 9 stitch the 3 images together in auto mode and it came out like the one below, which is fine as I was after a flat look.

How PSE9 stitched the three images together, the image here gets a little too distorted on the ends causing quite a bit of image quality degradation.

Some cropping/lens distortion correction and cloning to fill in the gaps after cropping

A variant on the colouring

I also wanted to see the three images stitched together so the centre is ballooned out which is done by choosing the Cylindrical option instead of auto to force this look (auto works pretty well in most cases)

How PSE9 stitched using Cylindrical

Cropped, straightened and cloning to fill in the gaps in each corner. I spent some time on this trying to blend the corners in as much as possible.

Variant with more of a red/pink look

Another variant with a dark look much like the darker flat version above