Trying to get a shot of a bee in flight

Today I attempted to get a nice shot of a bee in flight, had the 12-50mm lens on in macro mode and the camera on continuous (9fps). I shot over 400 images and did not get a single shot of a bee in flight that was in focus.

My best bee in flight shot I've ever taken (and cannot beat... yet) is the one below taken in 2005 with my first camera the Olympus C770 UltraZoom with a huge 4MP sensor!

ISO 64, 1/640sec, f/4

Got a few single shots of bees before I change to 9fps

 I did get 5 shots of this bee doing a little turn before it took off (out of focus of course).

0Tthis was half way through the turn looking straight at the camera, looks like a plane!

Just before take off!