Taradale Railway Viaduct

Work official commenced on the 25th October 1860, it was the last major work to be completed on the Melbourne to Bendigo line and was done so September 8 1862. In 1933-34 the steel towers were erected to help support the bridge as the trains become heavier  At least four men are believed to have died during the construction, 2 hit by trains.

It stands 120 feet (36.6m) above Back Creed, has five spans totaling 650 feet (198.3m) and a total length of 828 feet (251.6m) including end buttresses. Construction cost was 230,000 pounds ($460.000)

Rail services from Melbourne to Bendigo commenced on 20th October 1862.

The following shots (all but the last one) are all 5 frame HDRs.

Finally a single shot of a train speeding across the bridge.