Australian flower gum - Bonsai update

It's been a while since I've posted about my Bonsai, here's a few shots from the last few months.




The two shots taken on the 17th December 2012 are the last shots I have of it whilst it still looked healthy, I had the tree outside one day in the summer sun and I think it got sunburnt. Since then it's been looking a little sick, leaves slowly dying and falling off. I've looked up some stuff on the net and suggestions are either too much water or not enough.

Been keeping an eye on it for the past few weeks, recently it's started sprouting new shoots which I think is good, new leaves however have quickly died off, not sure if it's just the summer heat or not. I've been keeping it indoors (with the occasional window ledge placing for some sun) recently and checking the moisture of the soil with a toothpick. Probably the reason for the new shoots.

Today I upgraded the pot even though things I've read say best time is spring. It's now sitting on a tray that has small rocks on it to keep the water running freely through instead of staying in a puddle in a bowl allowing the tree to continue drinking and getting root rot, hopefully this new setup will help and it will start looking healthy again.

The shot below is from today in the new pot and as you can see the leaves are dying/drying up.