Australia Day

Today I was at the Australia Day celebrations at Lake Weeroona in Bendigo. Decided to only use the 45mm f/1.8 and see how I go (need to really pay attention to the aperture as to not over expose due to max shutter speed of 1/4000sec) these are some of the shots I got.

Ghost Gum

Railway lines near the lake, shot on the walk to the lake.

Found this cool crab in the shopping area.

Lots of nice cars around the lake, most on the far side.

Lake Weeroona looking towards the Boardwalk 

Also quite a few old engines/motors all running.

I love people who can play the didgeridoo and the guitar and even better when they are at the same time! During this song the speakers went down and he had to stop and say 'Sorry the generator needs more fuel' haha good stuff, I hung around till he got it sorted out and stayed for the song, last one before he went off to the main stage.

Ned Kelly dropped by for a visit.

Where trams come to die (behind the lake)