Last night the moon looked really good, low on the horizon so it looked bigger, the crescent shape illuminated the rest of the moon slightly and there was some nice thin clouds nearby. I got my camera out, tripod and headed outside to get a shot. Shooting from my place is really no good anymore now that there are street lights and due to the moon being just above the horizon I had to get to a clearing so I could get a good shot. My usual spot I go to (same as the sunset shots I recently took) was now blocked so I tried walking to the end of the street in hope that the moon would be visible at the end of a street that turned to the right, but by the time I got there the moon had dropped too low. Since I had my camera and tripod and it was a clear night I took 1 shot of the stars. Might have to try the next night a little earlier.

ISO 200, 25sec, f/8

Earlier in the day I was doing what I usually do on my lunch breaks and shot a few more shots.