A trip to the Zoo

Went to the Melbourne Zoo today and got some cool shots, there are limits to what you can do with a 12-50mm lens, and at 50mm the lens is a little soft and can miss focus sometimes, really need the adapter so I can use my 42-150mm on the E-M5.

I've left this shot at full resolution so the colour details in the wings are easy to see, close up they look like pixels on a computer screen.

For shots of this lion I had to use the live view and hold the camera lens right up to the fence and shoot trough the holes, being that I only had 50mm to zoom I thought I'd try the Digital Teleconverter that doubles the 50mm to 100mm but you loose image quality. The first image below is the Digital Teleconverter shot at 100mm the next is at 44mm and the last is a crop of the 44mm shot that has also been worked on a little in Adobe Camera Raw.

Manual Mode ISO 200, 1/6sec, f/22