New Gear

Yesterday I finally gave in and bought the OM-D E-M5. There was a 15% off for a few days so I had to get it. I was after the black over the silver but it was only on product in stock so I took the silver one and I think I might actually like it more anyway.

A few weeks back at the my first wedding shoot someone I know who's also a keen photographer for a lot longer than me bought along his original Olympus OM, I got two shots of it with my Xperia Arc. The lens on this thing is amazing! It has the optional hand grip attached to it, something I am after the E-M5.

What I have now! :) (The Movie (weather sealed) Kit with 12-50mm)

Because of the timing of this purchase I can get a nice value pack from Olympus that contains a Body Cap Lens, looking forward to playing with it.

Next purchase will  be my first fast prime, the 45mm f/1.8 which so happens to have 20% off if I get it before Jan 31 2013. 

First test shots coming very soon.