Last Friday I'd had enough of work so I jumped on the Gizmodo site to see whats happening, something I haven't done in a long while and after a few pages I found a photo competition to win an Olympus OMD EM-5, just the camera I'm hopefully getting in the next few months, be nice to win it instead. The theme is reflections, below are some photos showing my thinking process and test shots and my entry image at the bottom.

Next same as above but trying to capture a sunset reflecting off the water reflecting of the CPL lens filter.

I was trying another sunset shot at my parents dam, but it did not work at all so I tried some reflection shots of my brothers dog Archie.

With the next two shots I had an idea to try and capture a reflection in a droplet of water on a plant reflecting of the CPL filter, but this didn't work as the sky in the background of the shots (behind the camera) was blown out. So instead I tried some macro shots of water droplets.

In the end I chose the image below to enter the competition.