Star Trails - Take Two

Waiting till the middle of October for the new moon is a little too long for me to wait to attempt another star trail shot. Even though the moon is two thirds full I tried my luck anyway and headed further away from the street lights and remembered the shutter release cable, this is what I got.

This exposure was 132 seconds at f8 with ISO at 100 around 8:24pm AEST. The stars started to trail but had to cut the exposure time short due to the light coming from the moon, makes the road look pretty good though.

I looked up and noticed a bare tree branch and decided to use it as a foreground object and moved the camera into the shadow of the tree hoping to limit the moonlight hitting the camera, I'll have to come back to this spot when the moon is not around, in the following shots you can see the pixel/image/sensor burn from the extra light. 

49 seconds at f3.5 with ISO at 100 around 8:30pm AEST

203 seconds at f3.5 with ISO at 100 around 8:32pm AEST

480 seconds at f3.5 with ISO at 100 around 8:37pm AEST. 
With this shot I needed to drop the brightness quite a bit in Adobe Camera Raw to remove a purple tinge.