Red Wattlebirds

Today I came across some Red Wattlebirds which is pretty cool. I had my 40-150mm lens on and most of the shots lens was at 150mm and still not close enough. I need that extra reach of a 300mm to get some good shots but as I've posted before there's no reason to add equipment to my current gear as Olympus is not making DSLRs any more. I still really want the OMD EM-5, unfortunately this means that a 300mm lens is further away.

To try and get some shots I had the camera on burst (3.5 frames per sec in RAW), auto focus (single with manual override). I was hoping to get a shot of the birds riding (not moving fast) in the wind as it was a little gusty but I didn't get the chance. Will have to head out again and try another day.

Clearest shot, pitty is the back of the bird...

The next few shots are two Red Wattlebirds playing and I successfully got every shot out of focus!