Boobook Owl (I think) *Update* could be a type of frogmouth

It's a little windy tonight and I remembered that Canon's Photo5 open brief is accepting entries themed "Wind" so I put my camera on the tripod and headed outside to see if I could get anything interesting with the small windmill out the front that is illuminated by the very bright street light across the road. It wasn't really working and I was folding up the tripod legs when I noticed something small on the road. At first I thought it was either a cat or rabbit but as my eyes adjusted it was an owl (Bookbook I think), I have not seen one for almost 10 years.

I had my 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 at first and tried walking a little close when it took flight. Damn I thought, luckily it just flew up to a low branch that was also being illuminated by the street light. My camera is not great in low light especially focusing so it took me a few shots to get it manually focused.

14-42mm, ISO 100, f5.6 42mm zoom, 4 seconds

14-42mm, ISO 100, f5.6, 42mm zoom, 4 seconds

Couldn't get close enough so I quickly ran inside and swapped lenses for my 40-150mm lens. Took a bit to focus this one in too.

40-150mm, ISO 100, f5.60, 150mm zoom, 8 seconds

Got a clear focus - 40-150mm, ISO 100, f5.60, 150mm zoom, 8 seconds

Since the last shot was in focus I thought I'd up the exposure time but the owl had other ideas, half way through it flew away.
40-150mm, ISO 100, f5.60, 150mm zoom, 13 seconds