I always find it difficult to get shots of fish with my camera, usually I put the camera on Shutter priority and and snap shots that are not blurry but under exposed then try to lighten the shots in Adobe Camera Raw, however the shot below the goldfish stayed still so I got the one shot whilst in my main mode Aperture priority. However with the white balance set to Auto as I usually have it the shot came out on the green side, but that's an easy thing to fix in post.

Manipulating the tint value removed all the greenness of the shot.

This is my camera and the setup I had for the following shots from this mornings sunrise when the light was a pinky colour.

Cloud shadows

These next shots are of the same position with the lens open wide, all hand held with metering changes and the graduation settings. Problem is I'm not 100% sure which ones are which since I didn't note down what I was doing, it wasn't a planned test.

Think this one was Spot Metering and Low Key Graduation