Storm chasing

Bought my first LED light bulb (just under $30) which I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs tonight, it's a 12W (50W equivalent) bulb that is suppose to last 25 years or 25000 hours. Anyway on my way back home some storm clouds were gathering and I stopped the car on an unsealed road near home and snapped this shot with my phone (Xperia Arc)

Wished I had my DSLR with me (as I do most of the time) so I quickly ducked home grabbed my camera and headed out again to get some other shots. First stop was some open land nearby that shows the big sky, but when I got there the clouds were not in the ideal location.

Needing to find a better location I did a U turn to try some higher ground when I seen the below 180' from the photo above.

Shot from higher ground.

During all this I couldn't help feel like I was storm chasing, taking road I'd never been before trying to get a good position to shoot.