Rain, Gecko and a Sunset

I pass this driveway on my walk that I do every now and then on lunch breaks to get away from the office (and find something to photograph) thought I'd post it!

This one is from Monday, thought I'd take a gamble on the rain, lucky it only just started coming in as I was heading back!
Overlooking CBDish from Short Street

I found this gecko in the cold shade of the Sacred Heart Cathedral when I was giving Kim (whos got a new toy - Nikon D3100) some tips - she's got a new blog to go with the new toy. I picked it up and moved it into the sun so it could warm up and also to get better light for some shots.

 Finally, another sunset shot whilst making my way home. Yet another time I wish I had my e420 and some time to get into a good place for a nice wide landscape shot of a sunset. Just out of frame (at the bottom) of this shot is a residential area, looks better without the silhouettes of houses.