The final ride

Bike fixes so far:
  1. New handlebars (bent on a ride) 
  2. broken real axle
  3. New bearings - Crank Arms (two separate times), rear wheel (once)
  4. Clean and grease bearings (front and back)
  5. Slightly buckled rear wheel, fixed with spoke tensioner 
  6. New tyres (3rd set)
  7. Numerous tubes, mainly the rear
Current problems (before this possibly fatal one):
  1. Both pedal bearings need replacing
  2. Gear shifter for derailleur does not shift down all the time

My first time back on the bike for a couple of months and I think I've broken it for good this time. The derailleur has come off after a small stick got caught and with a slight push on the pedals, off it came. At this point of my ride I was 4km's in (about 1.5 up a bush track). The shots below are a few hundred metres from where it came off as I was walking/scooting the bike home.

I must have caused some damage sometime in the past, the frame here is bent and the thread has been almost stripped on one side.

The track close to where it happened.

My attempt to keep the hanging derailleur from going into the spokes as I rolled down the bush track hill.

The problem... not sure if I can fix this one, might see if it can be fixed.